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JBB’s Final Thoughts (podcast)

Writer. Educator, Technologist

Writer, Digital Storyteller, Face-to-Face & Online Educator, Technology & Learning Troubleshooter, wanna-be musician and photographer

Hi, I’m Joe Bustillos and welcome to the “JBB’s Final Thoughts” (podcast/YouTube channel). JBB’s Final Thoughts is an often rambling, end-of-the-day conversation, ranging from interesting items that pop up in my media-feed, to my appreciation of gadgets and technology, to my experiences as an educator, writer, blogger, believer/non-believer, grandfather, and hopeful futurist. These videos/podcasts were originally inspired by the video-journals found in many sci-fi shows. I thought, I have the technology, why the hell not leave a record of my journey usually recorded when I’m more than a little tired, towards the end of the day…

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