Jacob’s Ladder & JBB’s Desktop Blogs Updated & Moved

Done… Man, what a pain in the ass! But it’s done. All of these blogs previous entries (going all the way back to 2003!) have been moved to main blog. Next job is to create different page templates for each blog category. Yeah. Simplify and diversify at the same time. What a f-ing geek am I. jbb Advertisements Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder & JBB’s Desktop Blogs Updated & Moved

Religious, By the Numbers

Been working loads over the past week on the blog. I figured out how to link my various domain names to categories within my main blog, so that if someone where to type in something like “jbbsedtech.com” they’d end up at my “JBB’s EdTech Place” category in my blog. Yeah. Then it dawned on me that I needed to make sure that all of the material that I’d created on these former blogs gets moved to the main blog. Damn. Last night/this morning I finished copying all of the entries from my former JBB’s Desktop blog (I also moved those … Continue reading Religious, By the Numbers